Proud, strong, visible

The exhibition of documentary photographs "Proud, strong, visible" was opened on May 5, 2016.

The European Network for Independent Living (ENIL) declared May 5 as Independent Living Day and that day is celebrated in different ways in all EU countries.

The Center for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities, Sombor, decided this year to mark May 5, the Day of Independent Living, with an exhibition of photographs from the daily life of PWDs and the distribution of flyers, and in this way present visitors to the exhibition with the importance of personal assistance in the independent living of persons with disabilities. Also, it should be noted that, although Serbia is not a member of the EU, it has done a lot in this field, and the city of Sombor is the leading city in the country in terms of the amount of funds allocated for this social service.

The photos on display were taken in April 2016, in the area of the city of Sombor, that is, in Kljajićevo, Bezdan, Bački Breg, Apatin, Čonoplja and Sombor.

The idea for the exhibition came from Juliana Čatalinac, and was created through the collaboration of KC "Laza Kostić" and CSŽ Sombor. The author of the photos is Siniša Trifunović, a photographer from Sombor.

A few words from the author:

"Most of all, I like to deal with "street", that is, documentary photography, to record strong and raw emotions and unstaged moments. I had the freedom to record the life of people with disabilities as I see it, and in a few days more than a thousand photos were created, and there are only about thirty in the exhibition. I wanted to show scenes from everyday life, beautiful and sad moments, work, hobbies, things that surround them. I am grateful to Juliana Čatalinac and the people from KC "Laza Kostić" for this idea and the opportunity to collaborate."

The exhibition was supported by the City of Sombor through the CSŽ Sombor project entitled: "We create conditions for independent living".