On the occasion of December 3rd, the International Day dedicated to people with special needs and disabilities, two exhibitions were opened in the premises of the Cultural Center.

In the Small Gallery, the 4th solo exhibition of photographs by Sinisa Trifunović, called Moments, was organized in cooperation with ŠOSO and the Vuk Karadžić home. Sonja Durut, the school's director, opened the exhibition in a crowded hall, and Jasmina Benčić, the school's special education teacher, Tatjana Dimitrijević, the editor of art programs in the Gallery, as well as the author of this exhibition, also spoke.

- At the invitation of special education teacher Jasmine Benčić, I received permission, although I would rather call it a privilege, to be part of the team of people and children who work and live there every day. I returned home every day without the stereotypes and prejudices I had. Maybe in five days of photography I wasn't able to feel the gravity of the whole situation, but what I saw was that a completely normal life was going on in the school. There are tears, laughter, hugs, arguments, beautiful but also difficult moments. All those moments that make up a life. And that wouldn't be possible without the people who work there. At least that's how I experienced it - said Siniša Trifunović.

In the Small Hall, the humanitarian sales exhibition Ogledalo duše (Mirror of the Soul) is set up, which consists of works from the art meetings organized by the Association of Multiple Sclerosis Patients in West Bačka Sombor. The exhibition was opened by Živko Radmilo, the president of this Association.