Well hello there!

I'm Siniša, a documentary photographer & visual storyteller

and What I truly enjoy is capturing moments and telling a story with my photographs. to be honest, there is no better place or occasion than a wedding. smiles, hugs, kisses, tears, and drunk/weird dance moves! My sole purpose as a wedding photographer is to deliver photos that will give you goosebumps, and make you laugh or cry in five, ten, or twenty years. memories get crooked over time but photos don't.




since 2013.

there is no way to say this better than Nevena, one happy bride has already done it:

"We scheduled Siniša first, then everything else according to his free date and we are not sorry - we would do the same again. Our impression is that Siniša devotedly observes and documents the relationships and emotions between the people present adjusting the photos to the ambiance, not insisting on anything, and providing wonderful support and guidance to nervous models. The photos are vivid and unique. All agreements went smoothly and professionally. The warmest recommendation."

This is not a job for me, but a privilege. honestly. To enter someone's home and life, to be a part of someone's most important day, to be close enough to see all the tears and goosebumps, to hear all the laughter, screaming, and swearing, to feel all that breathtaking energy in the air, and to immortalize the most beautiful and intimate moments. incredible.

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Although I know you are here for the wedding photos and pretty stuff, feel free to see some of the works that made me a better photographer and a person using the links below:

Kind words from my brides:

"Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big task! So much effort and energy are invested in that one day in your life that you would be forever sorry not to be truly noticed. Browsing through his Instagram, I realized that Sinisa is very good, but he really exceeded all expectations - every moment and every emotion was recorded! It’s like 10 photographers were there! Every time I look at the pictures I get chills again!
I would like to publicly thank him for his work and professionalism. Thank you."