Kind word from my brides and grooms...

A perfect balance of immediacy, wit and professionalism that will make both you and your guests feel as relaxed as possible, resulting in great photos that capture some really important moments, without most of the time feeling like someone is taking your photo. Not to mention the photos... take a look and judge for yourself. Highly recommended!
— Ines
Many, many thanks to Sinisha for the amazing job he did on our special day. We couldn't be happier with the photos, all the emotions of the event were captured in the best way we could imagine. Siniša is a true professional in what he does, not only because of his great talent and the quality of his work but also because of his approach to it from the first contact with potential future clients. Absolutely reliable, unobtrusive, and serious, but also very kind and with a nice touch of humor. Thank you.
— Vera
Siniša i Ila su jednostavno NEVEROVATNI! Oni su zaista više od fotografa. Od početka do kraja pružali su beskrajnu podršku, savete i smernice. Tog dana smo se osećali u sigurnim rukama i bilo je kao da imamo dvoje prijatelja tamo sa sobom! Njihovo iskustvo i profesionalnost blistaju, omogućavajući vam da se opustite i imate najbolji dan u životu! Kreativnu fotografiju snimili smo u Zadru u  Hrvatskoj, a fotografije su bile neverovatne. Osjećali smo se kao zvezde ceo dan. Oni su ozbiljno talentovani i is
— Laura
Everything in life is easier when you know which way you are going and when you know what you want. Then what is called love arises. Siniša managed to record the most beautiful moments of our wedding with his unobtrusiveness and exceptional professionalism, for which we are infinitely grateful. Each photo that was recorded through his lens has a soul and each one has its own story. A person should strive for such a goal. It's wonderful when a person has style and makes something special out of everything! I
— Milana
Siniša is a true artist and he is showing it through his amazing work, his interesting personality, and the way he approaches his work. It was one of our best decisions to hire him as our wedding photographer.
He is a master of catching details and emotions. You will get photos that will have the quality of a fashion magazine, filled with emotions, memorable moments, and unique artistic touch.Our true recommendations.
— Natasa
In the search for a photographer who will capture the most beautiful moments from our wedding, the first and only choice was Siniša. His aesthetics and unobtrusiveness during the wedding, resulted in perfect photos from the suburbs, which show every emotion and every moment, be it emotional, funny, interesting, fun…
It says enough that reserved him first! Before the band, before the wedding dress, almost everything a year in advance!
— Nikolina
We followed Siniša's work a couple of years before the wedding, and we booked him first after the space and the registrar. :)
We wanted a photographer who will not insist on posing and who will "capture" sincere smiles, tears of joy and unforgettable moments with
dance floor. :) Of course, Siniša fulfilled all that, with a professional approach, open communication and readiness for any agreement.
Warm recommendations!
— Ivana
Collaboration with Sinisa is one of the few things that went according to plan considering that the wedding was in the spring of 2021 :) I really want to praise this artist who did everything to make that rainy day not a problem so that we could get perfect photos. It will guide you through the whole photo shoot with laughter and a good mood to get great pictures, even if you are not used to posing in front of the lens :) My recommendations believe me they will not regret it!
— Jelena
Fantastic photographer, a fantastic man. It was easy to cooperate with Siniša. Professional, inconspicuous, and yet in the right place to notice all the emotions that one wedding brings. Thank you that even after three months from the wedding, we look at the pictures with enthusiasm as the first time we saw them
— Tanja & Dusan
We scheduled Siniša first, then everything else according to his free date. We are not sorry - we would do the same again.

Our impression is that Siniša is dedicated to noticing and documenting the relations and exchanges between those present, adjusting the photos to the ambiance, not insisting on anything, providing wonderful support and guidance to nervous models. The photos are vivid and unique. All agreements went smoothly and professionally. The warmest recommendation.
— Nevena
Even 2 months after our wedding, it is difficult for us to describe how perfect our wedding photos became. Each individual photo radiates so much emotion and tells its own story. Siniša captured moments that we were not aware of at the time. Siniša's attitude was professional and discreet at all times. He is a very cool guy who relaxed us with his relaxed manner (and because he previously drank brandy with us :) ) He exceeded all our expectations and with his work made our wedding an unforgettable day.
— Melanie
Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big task! So much effort and energy are invested in that one day in your life that you would be forever sorry not to be truly noticed. Browsing through his IG, I realized that Sinisa is very good at his job, but he really exceeded all expectations - every moment and every emotion was recorded! It’s like 10 photographers took pictures. Every time I look at the pictures I get chills again!
I would like to publicly thank him for his work and professionalism.
— Jovana
Siniša photographed our little wedding in October 2020, and it is not enough to say that we are very satisfied with the entire cooperation. With his lens, he captured all the moments and emotions that marked our day, and communication with him during the planning and the engagement itself was really simple and easy. Siniša is open to all agreements and ideas. All our guests were also delighted with the professionalism, unobtrusiveness, and communication with Siniša during the wedding.
— Margita
Siniša is a wonderful photographer.

Siniša is patient, spontaneous, and kind, and his photos are in a solemn, copper, muted tone because he loves the "golden hour" or sunset.

Siniša will not force you to do embarrassing things: to peek behind a tree, to kiss while the other wedding guests are squinting, to be stretched by your friends and groom on two sides until your hands fall off.

Siniša avoids clichés.

Be like Siniša.
— Sanja
Siniša is much more than a photographer, all the photos you get are pure art. He selflessly shares his many years of experience and we never had the feeling that he sees photography as a job. An interesting fact is that we didn't notice him at all at the wedding. Looking at the pictures, I was so overcome by emotions that there were even tears... I lived that day again. No one who saw our pictures remained indifferent!
— Helena